female "furries"

luigi bevilacqua bevilal at dsi.unimi.it
Tue Apr 6 14:19:29 CEST 1993


William Hathaway writes:
> A cartoon character asked why, except for the 
> occasional love interest, virtually ALL the leading animal 'toon 
> characters were male.  And one would be hard pressed to find 
> any counter-examples.  All our favorite leading characters in the
> Disney world are male.

In my opinion the matter is funning.
When we talk about 'toon-character' often we are looking for
funning, humour. And we are not accustomed to find them in a female.
For us it is easy to recognize strength, honor, justice, humour,
friendship, coscience, wisedom in male.
In a female we want beauty, feelings, love, sex ...
In fact funny (furry) females are very rare, because for us it is "strange".
In Disney comics I remeber the witch who wants to convince Goofy
what she is (sorry, I don't remember the English name...), of course
she is funny and not beautiful.

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