Gladstone and Furries rich.bellacera at
Tue Apr 6 09:26:00 CEST 1993

> I think Disney Babies is a copy of Muppet Babies. I liked the TV series of
> them, but that's not enough to long for a baby version of everything...
> > Rich the Furry
> Ah, but you were "not a duck". What kind of furry are you then?
> --Harry (age 30)

There is no "current" Disney Babies TV series, though there have been TV
commercials featuring Tom Bosley's voice and great animated renditions (on par
with Who Framed Roger Rabbit) of the Disney Babies interacting with Live
Action sets, people and pets.

No, I am "not a duck", but I'm definitely a teddy-bear (not chubby tho).

-- Rich (age 32)

BTW, my favorite Disney Animated Furry female is the selacious cervine named
"Fawn Deer" (sort a blend of Betty Boop, Bambi and Jessica Rabbit). Enormous
ears, but what a bod!  She's from the series "Disney's Raw Toonage" featured

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