Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu
Tue Apr 6 00:06:17 CEST 1993

	Remember, Lassie, who is a female character, was portrayed in the movies
and on television by an actor.  That's right, Lassie the actor was a S.O.B.!
	Does Bianca of the Rescuers count as a leading role?
	What about the ballerinas in Dance of the Hours?
	Betty Boop might qualify, as she was literally a dog when she
first started performing for the Fleischer Brothers.  It's amazing what
they could do with plastic surgery back then...
	What was Clarabelle the Cow's role in the early Disney

My favorite furry is a chenille bathrobe worn by a _very_ special friend.

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