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> I'm embarrased to admit that I'd didn't recognize a bunch of names
> on the International Disney Comic Character Name list.  Who are 
> the following and where did they appear:

Short, unsatisfactory answers follow:

> April, May, and June
Daisy's nieces.  First appearance in the Barks story my .sig quote is

> Newton
Gyro Gearlose's nephew.  Not by Barks though.  I don't know where he
appeared first.

> Fethry Duck
A cousin of Donald's who has appeared in American Disney comics made
for the foreign market.  Drawn by Al Hubbard in his first stories in
the mid-sixties.  Tony Strobl has also drawn lots of stories with him.
He has almost never been published in the USA though.  The only
instance I know is in WDC 509 where he plays a bit part in a pretty
uninteresting story.  I hope you'll someday get a chance to see the
best Fethry stories over there.  I love them!

> Porpy the Porpoise
> Dim-Witty
Moby Duck's porpoise and helping hand, respectively.

> Clara Cluck
A hen from the cartoon days.

> Gilbert
Goofy's nephew.

> Idgit the Midgit
> Dangerous Dan McBoo
Two criminals who Mickey Mouse and Goofy sometimes meet in adventures
drawn by Paul Murry.

> Witch Hazel
The witch in a Barksian Halloween story (and in the cartoon that was
an adaptation of).  Used as a recurring character at least by some
Italian artists.

> Izzy Wolf
A cousin of Li'l Bad Wolf who looks almost like LBW.

> John D. Rockerduck
A one-shot character from Barks, often used in Italian Disney comics.

> Hiawatha
The little indian who made it from the screen to the comics. 

> Sylvester Shyster
A villain in some Gottfredson Mickey Mouse stories.

> Shamrock Bones
A detective in some Mickey and Goofy stories.

> Captain Churchmouse
>From Gottfredson again.

> Little Toot
The little boat in a segment of the Disney film Melody Time.  Pretty
insignificant, but there's been a handful of comics with him here in
Scandinavia anyway.
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