Favourite stories poll -- 1st dime

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Thu Apr 15 08:54:11 CEST 1993

Per Starback:

> Here's a tentative top five list in the "long story" category (not
> ordered!):
> * Lost in the Andes
> * Luck of the North
> * Christmas for Shacktown
> * The Golden Helmet
> * Seven Cities of Cibola
> Only one story in common with Bill, even though a couple of "his"
> stories almost made it to my list.

I got only two other reactions, one with an incomplete list like yours,
and one saying that it is too hard to tell Barks' best. Kind of like
asking a father which son is his favourite.

So, the poll is off. Anyone who wants to discuss favourite stories,
just mail it to the list.

BTW: my own favourite story is "Christmas for Shacktown". Favourite
10-page story: The Cornelius Coot statue contest (WDC 126 or so).
Worst Barks story: "Island in the sky" (Uncle Scrooge #...).

Best non-Barks story: "His Majesty, McDuck" by Rosa.

Per Starback once corrected me when I stated there was only one story
where Scrooge's first dime appeared, _before_ Magica De Spell entered the
comics. He mentioned two Uncle Scrooge comics, but he forgot the _first_
story where the dime appeared: Uncle Scrooge One Shot 495, the 2nd story:
"wandering money bin". He used it there to cut his ropes (the dime was
very sharp after all those years)...

(So there, Per: 1-1. 8-)


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