Women & Disney

James Williams 70304.2462 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Apr 17 16:08:41 CEST 1993

I've alway heard that more women read Disney Comics than Marvel and DC.
Considering what Marvel and DC produce, I don't blame them.  But two things
have always amazed me:
o  In the US, I can only think of two women who are involved in producing
   Disney comics.  One is a colorist and the other an editor.  I can't
   think of a single woman who writes or draws Disney Comics.  Is it the
   same way with Egmont?
o  In the US, almost every single story lead character is male.  I've never
   seen a story with Minnie in the lead and can only recall two stories
   spotlighting Dasey.  Does Egmont publish more stories with women
If women like Disney, why aren't there stories geared toward them and why
aren't there more woman working on Disney Comics?

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