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Source:	Comics Buyer's Guide	#1015	April 30, 1993	p.132

In a nutshell:

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
Uncle Scrooge
	Since Disney didn't change the numbering, neither will Gladstone.

Donald and Mickey	
Donald Duck
Uncle Scrooge
	Disney dropped these titles, and Gladstone will be continuing the
numbering from where it stopped.

Donald Duck Adventures
	Gladstone created this title.
	Disney continued it.
	Disney started over with #1.

	1) Gladstone could start over, making three different issues of
	DDA #1.
	2) Gladstone could continue with Disney's numbering, creating a
	mysterious gap in the numbering of Gladstone's issues.

	3) Gladstone could continue from where they left off.

They will continue their numbering system, thereby creating two DDA entries.
One will be the finite Disney Comics series, the other will be the
Gladstone series, which will have a time gap.

Of course, Gladstone will continue to process subscriptions, and they will
continue the high production standards of Disney Comics.

$18 for domestic, $23 for foreign, twelve issues (two years worth).

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