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> In the US, I can only think of two women who are involved in producing
> Disney comics.  One is a colorist and the other an editor.  I can't
> think of a single woman who writes or draws Disney Comics.  Is it the
> same way with Egmont?

> I guess so.  They don't give credits here though, so it's hard to
> know.

They gave a few credits in the USA reprint of Egmont stories. None of them
were women.

In the Dutch comic production, there was at least one woman: the story
writer Patty Klein. She also did a lot of non-Disney comic stories.

> In the US, almost every single story lead character is male.  I've never
> seen a story with Minnie in the lead and can only recall two stories
> spotlighting Daisy.  Does Egmont publish more stories with women
> characters?

> Not often.  As for the old stuff there are of course Daisy Duck's
> Diary with Daisy in the lead and often with April, May and June.
> Pretty boring stories...

Same in Holland. Another female lead character: Madam Mim (is that a 
female? 8-).
BTW: They made a special version of the 'Donald Duck' weekly in Holland,
a few years ago. It was called 'Daisy Duck'. The cover showed daisy
covering the word "Donald" of the logo with "Daisy". The comic contained
Daisy Duck stories _only_. I guess it was a gesture to all those letters
from fans saying Daisy should have more stories of her own.

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