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Harry wrote (first quoting me):

>> (...) the newspaper that reported on the kite flying contest in WDC 42 is
>> from "Quackville".  
>> (...)  Maybe Quackville is the name of a part of Duckburg, or
>> maybe it really is another town and Donald and the boys didn't live in
>> Duckburg yet.
> Another possibility: The Daily Quack (from Quackville) is also distributed
> in Duckburg. Just like in Holland, where the "New Rotterdam Newspaper" (NRC)
> is read all over the country.

Maybe, but it seems more natural for a very local paper to have a
first-page headline like "LITTLE GIRL WITH BIG KITE WINS TOP HONORS".
The other thing that's readable on that page is "`Cutest tot I ever
saw,' says Mayor of shy heroine".

> Wasn't there a story where Donald moved as far as possible from Jones, and
> Jones moved too? Or was that within the same town?

WDC 38 and they seem to be moving within the same town.  While they
are driving through the town looking for a new house HD&L say "Unca
Donald, let's move over on Oak Street!  That's a swell district!"
They don't move there then though, but I guess this is the same Oak
Street where they do live in WDC 64 ("All quiet on Oak Street, except
Donald Duck's house").

me>   I guess they changed their mind...
> ..or they moved back before the next story. They've often run to the south
> pole, Timbouctou, and other places, at the end of a story...

Yeah, but they said that they were leaving town _for good_.

> This [stupid South Burbank theory of mine] seems quite improbable to me.

I agree.  I was just trying desperately to explain it away, as I think
of Donald as living in Duckburg, at least at that time (1949).

me> (Harry, you said that Burbank also is mentioned in Maharajah
me> Donald.  Where?)
> On the caption of the panel where they reach the Rajah's palace, it says
> something like "It's a long way from Burbank to India".

Thanks.  The exact quote is "From Burbank, Calif., to a maharajah's
palace is a big jump for the ducks!"  Sigh...

And next my comments to Don Rosa's mail on the matter.  Once again I
assume it was meant for the list, even though I got it, so I start
with quoting it in its entirety (edited down to 80 columns):

> 	I applaud your knowledge of the old mentions of where Donald
> lives. The key is that all your sited references were ANCIENT....
> before the final version was settled on. Donald has ALWAYS lived in
> Duckburg, no matter what the old, old comics say. Just as $crooge
> never really hired thugs to beat up a village full of African natives,
> as was stated in "The Magic Hourgalss".
>	In the version of the Barksian Universe that I. personally,
> adhere to, Duckberg exists on the ACTUAL planet Earth which is
> identical to reality EXCEPT that there is another state between
> California & Oregon named Calisota (all land north of, oh, Santa
> Rosa). I mentally visualize Duckberg as being on the opposite side of
> the bay from Eureka.

The reason I quoted so many "ancient" sources is just because I
recently reread the old WDC's (taking notes all the time...).  Well,
sooner or later you have to decide on what to believe when there is a
conflict of evidence, but I want to believe as much as possible and
think it's sort of cheating to say that some stories are "real" and
some are "imaginary".

On the ACTUAL planet Earth??  That seems highly improbable to me. :-)
I think that many of the stories taking place outside of Duckburg show
that the duck universe isn't identical to Reality there either.

Hmm, regarding Calisota: In the TV quiz show in WDC 152 one contestant
gets the question "How many states in the 48 states?"  (This was
before Alaska and Hawaii.)  Well, how many?  Did he really say "How
many states in the 49 states?" but Barks changed it as to not confuse
the reader, or, taking my literalist approach, USA in the duck
universe really had 48 states, so one of "our" states must go to leave
room for Calisota.  (Which one?)
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