Location of Duckburg once again

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Mon Apr 19 18:07:03 CEST 1993

Our encyclopedic source, Per Starback, wrote:

> (...) the newspaper that reported on the kite flying contest in WDC 42 is
> from "Quackville".  
> (...)  Maybe Quackville is the name of a part of Duckburg, or
> maybe it really is another town and Donald and the boys didn't live in
> Duckburg yet.

Another possibility: The Daily Quack (from Quackville) is also distributed
in Duckburg. Just like in Holland, where the "New Rotterdam Newspaper" (NRC)
is read all over the country.

> Did they live in another town (Quackville) in WDC
> 42, Duckburg in WDC 49 and moved somewhere between those issues?
> Well, then Daisy would have had to move too, and, what is less
> probable, Neighbor Jones (noone else though), so I think that's highly
> improbable.  

Wasn't there a story where Donald moved as far as possible from Jones, and
Jones moved too? Or was that within the same town?

>   A curious exchange of lines from WDC 91:
>   Nephews: "So we're leaving town for good, unca' Donald!  Where are we
> going?"
>   Donald: "To Little America, where the only social figures are
> penguins---and they can't read!"
>   I guess they changed their mind...

..or they moved back before the next story. They've often run to the south
pole, Timbouctou, and other places, at the end of a story...

> Well, whatabout Burbank then? (...) My theory though, which I made up
> right now, is
> that Duckburg is south of Burbank not far away, and that it sometimes
> is called "South Burbank".

This seems quite improbable to me.

>   Burbank is also mentioned in WDC 101 where Donald exclaims "Let me
> go back to Burbank!" but that is in a dream, so it is easy to handwave
> away.  (Harry, you said that Burbank also is mentioned in Maharajah
> Donald.  Where?)

On the caption of the panel where they reach the Rajah's palace, it says
something like "It's a long way from Burbank to India".

(My problem is that I don't have the English version of all Barks stories,
I happened to have this one, since it was reprinted in a Gladstone comic)

> Well, did that make anything clearer? :-)

Yes, it did. But when was Duckburg founded? (I guess we can get that
information from Rosa's "His Majesty, McDuck". Rosa states Duckburg is built
around Scrooge's money bin. Is there a Barks source confirming this?)


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