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Fri Apr 23 02:12:23 CEST 1993

On 22 Apr 1993, Don Rosa wrote:
> 	TORSTEN ADAIR asks me if I might someday draw Pegleg Pete. No can do. He does not exist in the Duck stories -- he's a Mouse villain. 
> Besides, Disney has abolished his pegleg because that made fun of cripples or some such. And he can't be called BLACK Pete either -- 
> guess why! The character that now exists in the Mouse stories is BAD Pete. (Yeeccch.)
> 	Thanks for liking that new UNCLE $CROOGE cover. Did you catch the symbolic meaning therein. The "MOUSE" is being exterminated from 
> the money bin/Duck comics. Yep.
> 	You're a recent Barks fan? The JW story that you think Barks' art looks strange on was drawn by Kay Wright, as stated in the album 
> credits. Barks only wrote it. And the other JW issue you refer to sounds like another not drawn (or written?) by Barks. You DO KNOW 
> that Barks didn't write/draw every Duck story ever, right!? ...And to rea	Oops.... better end now and see how much THIS will cost me! 

Yesterday I bought a copy of The Comic Book Book, which contains an
excellent essay on Carl Barks.  I now know that he did not draw the JW
stories.  I knew he didn't write/draw every Duck story, just every good
duck story that I read as a child (1970s).

I started buying comic books in 1984.  I collected the early Gladstones,
but stopped when the price changed to $0.95 (!).  I started buying them on
a periodic basis last year.  I intend to purchase everything that
Gladstone prints.

I didn't want a Bad Pete story by Don Rosa, I just wanted to see a pin-up
or drawing of Pete done by Mr. Rosa.

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