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Fri Apr 23 07:00:50 CEST 1993

	Well, this can't go on much longer! Each time I glance at and answer even these digests, it's costing me about $4-$5 since I'm not 
using TAPCIS or anything (never needed it till now). 
	Anyway, I'm about to go away for the weekend to Ithaca, NY, to another comic convention. But here's a reply to some comments from Per 
(I think).
	I think I mentioned that I considered Barks' old privately done Family Tree, but changed parts and I think "improved" on it... all 
done with the help of other Duck fans and Mr. Barks himself. I'm using Della as the name of Donald's sister. That was the original, 
first used, even though it was in the newspaper strip which I regard as a different "Donald Duck" than the comic book version. Still, 
the name Thelma came from nowhere, and didn't go as well with "Duck".
	I show Jake McDuck all through the "Life of $crooge" series, but he just sorta disappears along the line. By the last chapter he would 
be dead, as would all the other McDucks except $crooge. Naturally I don't show or speak of ALL these deaths -- but I DO deal with the 
deaths of both $crooge's mother and father in scenes unlike ANYTHING that have ever been in a Disney funnybook. 
	And yes, Black Pete was in "Pirate Gold"... but again, that was far too early (the earliest!) a story to take seriously.

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