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Don Rosa wrote:

> Well, this can't go on much longer! Each time I glance at and answer
> even these digests, it's costing me about $4-$5 since I'm not using
> TAPCIS or anything (never needed it till now).

What is TAPCIS?  I really hope you won't leave us.  What do you all
say?  Should we create a D.O.N. fund (= Don On the Net) to keep him
here if we D.O.N.-ate enough?

> I think I mentioned that I considered Barks' old privately done
> Family Tree, but changed parts and I think "improved" on it...
> (...) I'm using Della as the name of Donald's sister.

Great, that was what I was hoping for, even though I thought that you
would use "Thelma" instead.  There's another question on canon: should
only published stories count?  I think that private notes like Barks's
family tree don't carry the same weight as published stories, and I
guess you agree then.  (Then whatabout censored stories?  Are they
canon?  And when the editor changed something, is it the original
unpublished version that is canon?)

> I show Jake McDuck all through the "Life of $crooge" series, but he
> just sorta disappears along the line. By the last chapter he would be
> dead, as would all the other McDucks except $crooge.

Then it's strange that Donald dresses up as Jake in "Christmas for
Shacktown" to fool Scrooge and that he falls for it, isn't it?

> Naturally I don't show or speak of ALL these deaths -- but I DO deal
> with the deaths of both $crooge's mother and father in scenes unlike
> ANYTHING that have ever been in a Disney funnybook.

I'm looking forward to that!
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