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Fredrik Ekman d91fe at ide.ide.hk-r.se
Tue Apr 27 12:54:18 CEST 1993

Darin Reid wrote:
>  4)Don:  Why don't *you* do some MM adventure stories?  I think MM
>  (either with or without Goofy) would make a great adventure character,
>  it's just that noone worthy has taken the task to heart.  

As a matter of fact, there are some brilliant MM stories. I am then
thinking primarily about the newspaper stories by Gottfredson (correct
spelling?). Many of these have been reprinted by Gladstone. Another
very good MM story was actually written by Carl Barks. The English
title of this story should be something like "MM and the red hat".
Does anyone know any background facts about this story? Why, for
example, did CB do a MM? And why once and never more?

And about the question as to why DD is more popular than MM, I have
never been particularily fond of MM. I guess it all comes down more
to who the creator(s) is/are than to which character is used in a
particular story. Therefore, although the Gottfredson, MM may in many
cases be just about as good as the Barks DD and U$, the Barks stories
will still be more popular due to the fact that they have been more
reprinted. An effect of this being that the character DD is more popular
than the character MM.

Most of the MM stories I read as a kid (and most of the MM stories I
read today) where more or less pathetic Gutenberghus/Egmont stories. I 
should say that that is as good a reason as any for not liking MM. I 
think, however, that a Rosa MM would be a very interesting experiment.

  /Fredrik Ekman

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P.S. I'm almost as enthusiastic about Rosa's work as most people on this
list seems to be, but I think that some stories ("Return to Plain Awful"
and "The Life of $crooge", for example) are less good than the rest. This
means to say that they are still lots better than almost anything (else) 
produced by Egmont, but not the immortal masterpieces that, to name but
one, "The Son of the Sun" is. D.S.

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