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Darin Reid <AREID at MARY.FORDHAM.EDU> asks:

>   1) How many adventure type stories did Barks produce, that didn't
>   include Scrooge?  That is, stories with just Donald and the boys (ie 
>   DD and the Golden Helmet, Lost in the Andes).

Well, that wasn't that difficult. I took the Dutch Barks list (from ftp.
lysator.liu.se: pub/comics/disney/dutch), removed all stories from Uncle
Scrooge, and all stories containing 10 pages or less. Then I filtered out
the stories that have Scrooge in a significant role, and this is what 

Issue   Pages Title (lower case only)    Submission date  Remarks

Four Color Comics (One Shots):
OS   9  +64+  finds pirate gold          42-??-?? (32 pg. Barks art only)
OS  29a +28+  the mummy's ring           43-05-10
OS  29c +26+  too many pets              43-05-29
OS  62a -24-  frozen gold                44-08-09
OS  62b -24-  mystery of the swamp       44-09-23
OS 108a -28-  the terror of the river    46-01-25
OS 108c -13-  the firebug                45-07-19
OS 147a -30-  volcano valley             46-12-09
OS 159a -26-  the ghost of the grotto    47-04-15
OS 159b -25-  adventure down under       47-04-04
OS 199a -32-  sheriff of bullet valley   48-03-16
OS 203a -20-  the golden christmas tree  48-06-30
OS 223a -32-  lost in the andes          48-10-21
OS 256a -32-  luck of the north          49-06-29
OS 263a -24-  land of the totem poles    49-09-29
OS 263b -24-  trail of the unicorn       49-09-08 (minor Scrooge role)
OS 275  -24-  ancient persia             49-11-23
OS 300  -28-  big-top bedlam             50-04-20
OS 308  -28-  dangerous disguise         50-06-29 (Scrooge only mentioned)
OS 318  -28-  no such varmint            50-07-27
OS 328  -28-  in old california          50-11-02
OS 408a -32-  the golden helmet          51-12-03
OS 422a -32-  the gilded man             52-01-31

Donald Duck:
DD  26a -23-  trick or treat             52-03-31
DD  46  -24-  secret of hondorica        54-09-30
DD  54  -26-  forbidden valley           56-12-13
DD 117  -21-  pawns of the loup garou    67-03-21 (Barks script only)
DD 126  -14-  officer of the day         68-11-06 (Barks script only)
DD 138  -13-  a day in a duck's life     70-02-16 (Barks script only)

Boys' and Girls' March Of Comics:
MOC  4a -28-  maharajah donald           46-08-13
MOC 20  -22-  darkest africa             47-09-26
MOC 41  -22-  race to the south seas     48-12-15 (minor Scrooge role)

WD's Summer Fun:
SF   2a -14-  jungle hi-jinks            59-01-30 (Barks art only)

WD's Vacation Parade:
VP   1a -33-  vacation time              50-01-05

Some remarks:
- I'm not sure about the 3 'script only' stories, as I have never seen them.
- I don't know if you would call all of these 'adventure' stories. What
  is the definition of an 'adventure' story?
- I also skipped stories with Huey, Dewey and Louie as main characters.

>   2) How many albums did Disney produce?  I picked up all of the
>   Gladstone albums, but stopped when Disney took over. (Including the
>   CBL if possible)

Disney did at least 4 albums, not counting Don Rosa's "Donald and Scrooge".

Gladstone and Disney started a few Barks album series:
- WD's Comics and Stories (51 issues; last issue released now: 12?)
- Firestone Giveaways (1 issue)
- Uncle Scrooge one page gags (2 issues)
- Gyro Gearloose (8 issues? released 2 issues?)

>   4)Don:  Why don't *you* do some MM adventure stories?  I think MM
>   (either with or without Goofy) would make a great adventure character,
>   it's just that noone worthy has taken the task to heart.  

Little chance. Don is a Duck man, not a Mouse man.


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