Disney comics mailing list digest #7

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Apr 28 15:32:12 CEST 1993


	As for me ever doing a Mickey Mouse story, there's no chance of that. There's no reason for me to. I am totally apathetic toward 
the character as being simply a cute configuration of lines. There's no personality. Sure, in the hands of another Barks, Mickey 
would become a WONDERFUL character. Look what he did with Donald... all he got from Disney was a slapstick hothead who threw walnuts at 
Chip n' Dale. What Dell/Barks did with the character is a miracle. I'll be glad to do a Mickey Mouse story after someone else writes 
and draws classic Mickey comics for 25 years and gets me interested in those cute ink lines. As of right now... feh.

	HARRY FLUKS: I keep forgetting -- do you have access to the Dutch comics??? I would DEARLY love to get copies of the issues reprinting 
my stories. I don't get a red cent in royalties off those multi-millions in world sales, but I try to at least get copies of the issues! 
	And nix on this "fund for Don Rosa" stuff. Sure, I can AFFORD to pay $5 each day to converse on this net, but there's just not that 
much reason to. I mean, it's great, but not at $150 per month! I wouldn't accept any money to pay bills that I can pay myself. That 
would be a terrible thing to do... like extortion (I'd be no better than COMPUSERVE!). But thanks for the offer. I'll try to hold out 
on here a bit longer and see what the bills will look like.
	I just printed out digest #7 and have yet to read it. But one comment flashed by saying that Egmont was the world's SECOND bigger 
publisher of comics. I'd like to know who'e bigger. For that matter, I'd like to know who's a bigger publisher of anything than 
Egmont with it's 100 companies publishing all the best selling everything all over the world and several other places. Who?

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