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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Apr 28 23:18:41 CEST 1993

Don Rosa:
> As for me ever doing a Mickey Mouse story, there's no chance of
> that. There's no reason for me to. I am totally apathetic toward the
> character as being simply a cute configuration of lines. [ ... ]
> I'll be glad to do a Mickey Mouse story after someone else writes
> and draws classic Mickey comics for 25 years and gets me interested in
> those cute ink lines. As of right now... feh.

What about Floyd Gottfredson then?

As for the Mouse in *comic books* I agree more of less.  The Mickey
Mouse serials in WDC (but I read them in Swedish Kalle Anka of course)
drawn by Paul Murry and other Mouse stories lacked that extra touch.
This feeling just got stronger when I learned that Paul Murry was sick
tired of doing the comics and kept doing it only for the money.

> And nix on this "fund for Don Rosa" stuff. [ ... ]  I'll try to hold
> out on here a bit longer and see what the bills will look like.

Yeah sure, *I* wouldn't pay anything anyway as those who know me will
realize :-), but I guess something should be done.  Anyone who wants
to use internet email regularly ought to get that service some other
way than through Compu$erve I guess.  From a list (nixpub) of
Public/Open Access UNIX Sites I searched for Louisville (isn't that
were you live, or am I mixing it up?) and found:

>Updated                System                        Speed
>Last  Telephone #      Name       Location           Range     Hours
>----- ---------------- ---------- ------------------ --------- -----
>[ ... ]
>03/93 502-231-5908     compunet   Louisville      KY 300-FAST  24
>  386 clone, Interactive System V 3.2, 2 gig. Also 502-231-5910, both lines
>  support V.32 and HST. Carrying most USENET groups, Shell access, multi-user 
>  games( including The Realm(c) ) multi-user chat, downloads including the
>  AB20 and SIMTEL20 CD-ROMS, and more.  Rate info available via a guest 
>  information account.

It doesn't mention mail in that description, but in the short version
of that list the entry is:

>03/93 502-231-5908     compunet   Louisville      KY 300-FAST   24 -$ HMNTV

where the M stands for Mail.

I don't know anything else about compunet but the point is that there
are resources like that all around (in the US) which are much cheaper
than Compu$erve for things like ordinary email.

Tom Tanida mentioned that Compu$erve charges per message, so that it
would help if someone "send all the messages that come through here in
a single file or two each day or every other day".  That's what I do
(once a day), so anyone who'd like to receive the list in that fashion
instead just has to ask me about it (and that's why you see Don and
others referring to what someone wrote in digest #this-or-that.

There are several things that has more to do with Disney Comics that
I'd like to comment on, but I'd like to check some facts and quotes
with my library first, and I've been at work for all day today (still
am), so that'll have to wait.
--       "
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