digest #8

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Apr 29 15:45:26 CEST 1993


	Gil Milburn: Oh, sure, I remember you well now! You da guy who offered me tickets to the, whatchacallit, Daniel Boone Story play or 
whatever they have there in Bardstown. Yeah!

	What was this comment from someone (Gil?) about a mention in something called COMICS LIST WEEKLY. What is that? And what did it say? 
Was that one snippet the whole bit? They don't spend much time talking about Disney comics in America, lest they be regarded as halfwits 
by all the quarter-wits who are doing the comic buying in this country.

	Someone asked how far along I am in "The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck". I thought we'd gone over that? Anyway, in the supposedly 
12-part 210+ page story, I'm finishing up part 10 which involves $crooge, a mere billionaire, moving to the tiny shanty-hut village 
of Fort Duckburg.

	And somebody was wondering how long it is before Gladstone can reprint any of my Euro stories. Gladstone, or ANY non-Egmont country 
in the world can print any Egmont story one day after Egmont uses it first... and as soon as Egmont feels like sending them photostats 
of it. Same goes for the material produced in Holland or Italy (those are the other producers of Disney/Duck comics... especially the 
latter even though they are Disney comics as if done by Harvey artists, which is not at ALL to my liking).

	And Fredrik Ekman says that he likes my non-sequel stories best? This is not uncommon amoung Europeans to some extent... and I can 
see a reasoning behind it; the classic stories are better left alone than tampered with. But I thought two of my very best stories 
were "Return to Plain Awful" and "...to Xanadu". What was wrong with those sequels? I was mighty proud of those.
	But one thing I've found out for sure: every story I do is SOMEBODY'S absolute favorite of all time, no matter what it is. There's 
no explaining what it is about a comic story (or anything else) that appeals to certain people in certain ways for certain reasons. 

	My question: how many people are on this network? These digests are not short, but they seem to be the work of the same few people 
each time.

	Oh... yes, I'd heard of a Japan company that sells lots of comics... certainly many times more than any single Egmont branch. But 
do they sell as many as Egmont does from Germany to China??? From Iceland to Bulgaria?

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