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Andrew Krieg 5-5379 krieg at ct.med.ge.com
Thu Apr 29 16:33:59 CEST 1993

Don Rosa asks:

>>	My question: how many people are on this network? These digests are
>> not short, but they seem to be the work of the same few people 
>> each time.

There are a lot more readers than those who post regularly (generally we're
called lurkers).  I appreciate that we do have those who keep the information
flow going.  I would like to contribute more, but between work and graduate
school, I have little time to do so.

I would like to add that I'm especially glad to see you've joined the mailing
list.  I've been a big fan ever since "The Son of the Sun" was first printed
by Gladstone.  Since that time, I have collected every U.S. (as in United
States, not good ol' Unca $crooge) piece of Disney work you've done.  I regret
that I probably will be missing a few of your upcoming covers though.  I
just can't justify paying $1.50+ for some of the new Gladstone books which
are *already* reprinting Barks stories they reprinted before Disney took
over.  Also, since they are reprinting all the WDC&S tales in the graphic
albums anyway, I see no reason to purchase them in comic book format a few
months before the albums come out.  But I digress.....

I have recently been trying to track down your non-Disney work.  I was able
to find "Don Rosas Comics and Stories" 1 & 2 fairly easy.  Finding the
collected works of Captain Kentucky has not been so easy.  I even called
used book stores and comic stores in the Louisville area (I live in
Wisconsin) to locate some of these books (and it worked)!  My DRC&S #2 (or
is it #1), which I got from a Lousiville store is even autographed by you!
At least that's what the clerk claimed.  Do you recall signing any of these
(mine is signed right in the center of the circle on the cover)?  Do you
have any insight into locating copies of the Captain Kentucky books?  I have
tried Kentucky book stores, as well as the newspaper that used to print the
strip and sold the reprint volumes, but no luck.  I only have the first
book.  Weren't there 3 altogether?

Enough for now.

Andy Krieg
krieg at ct.med.ge.com

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