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Fredrik Ekman d91fe at
Thu Apr 29 19:08:02 CEST 1993

Don Rosa wrote:
>       And Fredrik Ekman says that he likes my non-sequel stories best? This 
>is not uncommon amoung Europeans to some extent... and  I can see a reasoning
>behind it; the classic stories are better left alone than tampered with. But
>I thought two of my very best stories were "Return to Plain Awful" and 
>" Xanadu". What was wrong with those sequels? I was mighty proud of 

Well, that's not quite what I said. I merely stated the first examples that
came to my mind. The "... Xanadu" story is actually the story that made me
"discover" you. I had seen your art before, but without being overly
impressed. However, the moment I started reading it, and only a short time
after reading Barks' original for the first time (one of his best, if you
ask me), I realized that this was a true masterpiece. I still hold it as one
of your absolutely best stories. I've often wondered why it is that I like
"... Xanadu" so much when I'm not overly fond (relatively speaking) of 
"... Plain Awful" but I have so far come to no satisfactory answer. I guess
I'll just have to sit down and compare the comics panel by panel (a kind of
comic reading I don't like very much) and see if I can find anything to
suggest why it is so.

  /Fredrik Ekman

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