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Other mailing lists
> Would some please post the address of the Ranger List (i.e. Disney TV 
> List).  

Mail ranger-list-request at to get in touch with the
administrator (Stephanie da Silva).

> What was this comment from someone (Gil?) about a mention in
> something called COMICS LIST WEEKLY. What is that? And what did it
> say?  Was that one snippet the whole bit? They don't spend much time
> talking about Disney comics in America, lest they be regarded as
> halfwits by all the quarter-wits who are doing the comic buying in
> this country.

That's a moderated mailing list about comics in general where you were
mentioned some time ago.  Gilbert asked about your Egmont stories
there, and both I and James Williams responded to that.  In my reply I
mentioned disney-comics which led to Gilbert and James joining it (and
you too indirectly, as it was James who knew that you were on the
net).  I haven't seen anything else about Disney comics there though.

Don Rosa (from and about)
Don Rosa:

> but I don't know of any important examples of that [cut pages] outside
> of the 5 pages from "Back to the Klondike"... but those HAVE been
> printed now -- and will soon be printed even in all the Egmont
> countries, thanks to Byron Erickson and me (those pages were never the
> property of Disney -- they were in the hands of fans... so they were
> unavailable and unknown to Disney or any licensee.

Hmm, I *think* some of the missing pages have been printed in Finland,
but I'm not sure.  There seems to have been fans among the editors of
Aku Ankka in Finland.

> As for whether Jake McDuck was alive at the time of "Christmas for
> Shacktown"... no. $crooge knew that, that's why he saw right through
> Donald's disguise and gave him the bum's rush. That's my story and I'm
> stickin' to it.

Yeah, that seems to be the best solution.

> Will this [Life of Scrooge] ever be available in the U.S.?  If not
> would any of you over-seas collectors be interested in trading this
> book (or any other stories we Yanks may not have) [ ... ]

I think you can be pretty sure that Gladstone will print all of Rosa's
Egmont stories.  He's good and, perhaps more to the point, a
fan-favourite (not totally unrelated! :-)

But if your or anyone else really has to own comic books in Swedish
with Rosa's stories please mail me about it and I'll see if I can find

How many are we?
> My question: how many people are on this network? These digests are
> not short, but they seem to be the work of the same few people  
> each time.

They sure are, welcome among the same few people! :-)
Well, actually some of the lurkers do say something once in a while
(hi, Andy! :-)

Harry> As for the number of members: weren't we 50, Per?

The current number is 49.  It seems like old members unsubscribe
almost at the same frequency as new members join now, so it grows very
slowly, if at grows at all.
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