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Andy Krieg wrote (in reply to Don Rosa):

> There are a lot more readers than those who post regularly (generally we're
> called lurkers).  I appreciate that we do have those who keep the information
> flow going.

Thank you.. I consider myself a 'regular' poster and it's nice to know
whether the postings are appreciated (though some of my postings may be
useless trash...).

As for the number of members: weren't we 50, Per?

> I regret that I probably will be missing a few of your [Rosa's] upcoming
> covers though.  I
> just can't justify paying $1.50+ for some of the new Gladstone books which
> are *already* reprinting Barks stories they reprinted before Disney took
> over.  Also, since they are reprinting all the WDC&S tales in the graphic
> albums anyway, I see no reason to purchase them in comic book format a few
> months before the albums come out.  But I digress.....

Do what I did: I bought the last Disney issue of 'DD Adventures'. It contained
a nice Van Horn story, a 10-page Barks *and* an advertisement of Gladstone
showing all 6 covers of their first issues. 3 of them are by Rosa.
The size of these covers is almost 1/4 page, which already shows a lot of

Next month I have to decide whether to buy Gladstone's comics *just* for
a bigger copy of the (excellent) Rosa covers, or just stick with the
smaller copies of them...

> Enough for now.

Right. 8-)


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