+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #73.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Fri Aug 13 15:04:17 CEST 1993

	Yes, $crooge's Money Bin has been dumped, converted to bills,
moved, and utterly destroyed in many stories, a few of which *I* did.
But in spite of how I view certain historical aspects of Barks' stories
as set-in-stone (and I seek to set-into-Impervium with my series), there
are other aspects of the Ducks that I do not regard or treat with such
solid conviction. Though I always insist that the Bin looks exactly the
same and is always on the same hill (something Barks changed
constantly), on t'other hand, no matter HOW many times it is emptied or
converted or destroyed, by the next story I choose to disregard that as
a non-fact and treat the Bin as having never been disturbed since it was
first built and filled. Maybe my frame of reference is that anything
that happened before "current times" is hard fact; anything that happens
in a new story is forgotten by the next story, as if it never occured.
This might be one way to explain my attitude that time in Duckburg
stopped moving forward around 1955. I keep telling stories on a 1955
slate, then wiping it clean for another 1955 story. 

Per (was it?):
	Who is Miss Pennywise? That's Miss Quackfaster? In part 11 I
simply show her soon after she's hired by $crooge's Bin-bound sisters
and he blows his top as it being an extravagance to hire ANY office
staff. (She looks the same as "now" except she has jet-black hair as the
story takes place in 1909.) Later in the story (over 20 years later!) I
show the office staff again with the Clerkly character in the
background. Anyway, I didn't see a reason to tie Miss Quackfaster up
into some big plot development, nor would I have had the room if I'd
wanted to. As it is, I span 1909 to 1930 in 24 pages.

	By the way, something I never mentioned about these 3-part
stories I'm now doing: I do them in such a way that some countries
(which will be USA and Holland in particular) can present them as
single-part stories. This means I do two half-pages of story that would
replace the splash panels of parts 2 & 3. So there you have some "lost
pages" to look forward to (if you're bored!) when Gladstone uses the

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