Miss Penny Wise

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Aug 13 23:31:35 CEST 1993

Don> My "Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" does seek to take every
Don> last detail of $crooge's life, no matter HOW MINISCULE, and include it
Don> in the series. I challenge anyone to locate a detail I have missed!
me>		Well, I've asked you before if we will get to know the
me>		story behind Miss Penny Wise.
Don> Who is Miss Pennywise? That's Miss Quackfaster?

Gotcha!  No, Miss Penny Wise is an old maid who is "the *one* person
in the world" that Scrooge fears, because of an old note she owns by
which she can forclose on Scrooge's entire fortune.  What on earth
could all that be about??  It's from WDC 164.
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