Uncensored Mouse

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Per wrote:
>Exactly what stories were in [the two issues of "The Uncensored
>Mouse" that Eternity published]?  The Mystery Island (the very
>first one), I've gathered, but what more?

Well, I have read those issues but I don't have them readily
available. However, since noone else seems to have answered this
I might just as well give it a try.

"The Mysterious Island" was indeed one of them and it filled up the
first issue and part of the second as well. The rest of the second
issue consisted of what I believe to be the very second MM story.
I'm not sure about the title (and so far as I remember, "Uncensored"
contains no titles) but it is the first story with Sylvester Shyster
where Minnie gets to inherit some old uncle. This story, which is
very good (and especially compared to the somewhat confused "Mys-
terious Island") is unfortunately cut short at the end of issue two.

And about Disney sueing the socks off Eternity, I would have thought
that that was because MM is a trademark of theirs or something to
that effect. Does anyone know which parts weren't PD?


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