Uncensored Mouse

George Kesidis kesidis at cheetah.vlsi.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 25 17:15:02 CEST 1993

Continuing from Fredrick's comments. Uncensored Mouse #2 (I don't
know the title of the second story) ends in a cliff hanger. 
Disney did attempt to sue Eternity on the grounds of a trademark 
violation and I think Eternity dropped the title and recalled 
UM #2 because it wasn't worth fighting about (this is why UM #2 
is harder to find). Just as interesting as Gottfredson's 
excellent intial two MM stories (ca. 1930) are the essays in UM 
1 and 2 which rag on Disney for not giving Gottfredson (and Barks) 
more recognition and $$ for their work  and lament the 
transformation of Mickey into a yuppie corporate spokesman.
I've been meaning to go to the local library and try to 
find the MM serial in an old newspaper on microfiche (Eternity
found them in the Oakland Tribune).  I highly recommend these 
two comics to you guys (they used go for $10 each but I now 
sometimes see them in "quarter" bins).

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