The life and times of Lance Pertwillaby

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Dear Don,

     I have a few questions to ask you... predominately about
your reprints of: "DON ROSA'S COMICS AND STORIES" (The
Pertwillaby Papers!).  At the end of the first book: "Sub-Zero"
(Episodes #128-133) -- you gave a brief introduction of the cast
and had a welcome to new and old readers alike.  You then went on
to say... "If all goes well, there are enough adventures to
immediately fill THREE MORE VOLUMES, after which I'll carry on
with tales (and finally finish "Knighttime"... remember that'n,
old friends?).  It's up to you... thanx!  --Keno Don Rosa April
21, 1983".   Then in preface of book two: "Vortex!" (Episodes
#134-138) you said: "Yet over the years many others have
expressed some measure of delight at my tales of Lance
Pertwillaby, and have likened his adventures to a mixture of a
full-length Barks issue of Uncle $crooge, a bit of Tintin, a dash
Kurtzman and Elder, and a hint of "Sarky Watts" ...more in the
spirit of some European comic albums than anything on this side
of the briney.  But whatever you feel Pertwillaby may be
derivative  of, just ignore the sloppy lettering and the
appalling lack of super-beings and barbarians and enjoy yourself
for a while with this different sort of comic strip.  Or you'll
hear from my lawyers in the morning.  Don Rosa  Sept. 23, 1983". 
Also at the end of "Vortex!" you said: "Lance Pertwillaby, if not
James Bond will be BACK... at "Knighttime"."  This would make it
seem like people were enjoying the tales of Lancelot and
company... so, what happened???  And since you don't get to put:
"Knighttime" in print (at least, as far as I know... ) would that
be a suitable adventure for $crooge, Donald and the boys?!? 
While I am asking about: "P.P." let me ask YOU a question I've
ALWAYS WANTED to...  I have read a few times that Lance's earlier
dailies (Episodes #1-66) were reprinted in Collect's Dream and
(Episodes #67-127) appeared in Rocket's Blast.  Do you have any
idea how to track these stories down (telephone number?..
address?.. etc.), how much they would cost or even if any prints
(BESIDES YOUR OWN COPIES!) *STILL* exist????  There that will
give you something to kick around for the next digest!..


Gil Milburn


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