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For those of you who do not know, the San Diego Comic Convention is one of the
largest comic book conventions in the United States (and probably the
world).  Each year, the Eisner Awards are presented (named for Will Eisner,
the creator of the Spirit, and one of the best comic book talents on this

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August 27, 1993             The Comics List Weekly      Vol. 3 No. 34
This Week:
San Diego Con   :   Eisner Awards Winners
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Subject: Eisner Awards Winners

Each year, publishers are solicited to submit outstanding examples in each
category published during the previous year (in this case 1992).  A
committee screens all entries.  Their list of nominated publications is sent
to members of the industry for voting; over 700 ballots were returned.

The following lists the categories and nominees; the winner of each category
is marked with an asterisk.


 * Carl Barks Library album series (Gladstone)
   Complete Crumb Comics #8 by Robert Crumb (Fantagraphics)
   Batman: Dark Knight Archives, vol. 1 (DC)
   Hey Look! by Harvey Kurtzman (Kitchen Sink)
   The MAD Softcover by Harvey Kurtzman and others (Russ Cochran)
   The SHAZAM! Archives, vol. 1 by C. C. Beck (DC)


This is an impressive list!

Now if we could only get Neil Gaiman to write some Uncle Scrooge stories....

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