+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #88.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Aug 31 14:33:43 CEST 1993

Gil and whoever else:
	I can't explain that remark that there were enough Pertwillaby
Papers left AFTER issue #1 of DRC&S to fill "three more volumes". There
was clearly only enough to fill ONE more volume. Perhaps I wanted them
to reprint the daily strips at that time. Yeah -- maybe I vaguely recall
that they balked at that because they had been reprinted in COLLECTOR'S
DREAM and RBCC already? Who knows after 10 years (and that's just since
the REPRINTS). But I did attempt to finish "Knighttime", doing one more
10 page episode back in '83, which no human eyes have ever seen except
maybe mine. But the time it took me just wasn't worth the total lack of
interest from "comicdom" in the sort of stuff I liked. It only paid $5
per page for the total job. Even "Captain Kentucky" paid $25 per page!
That didn't matter when it was the only thing I had to fill my leisure
time, but eventually there were more things that needed doing and
American comics were just too depressing a mess to have an active part
in (and they're 100 times worse NOW). After doing that next "Knighttime"
installment and deciding it wasn't worth it, I retired from cartooning
for 4 years until Gladstone appeared. Then I found that the same plots
featuring Lance that people cared nothing for became VERY popular when I
put the Ducks in them. That's the sort of knowledge that will always
help me remember "my place". It's the DUCKS that make me popular.
	Anyway, I have no advice for you to help find old RBCCs or
COLLECTOR'S DREAMs. I plan on turning ALL those stories into Duck
stories eventually at which time they'll be improved with slightly (but
not much) better art and NO ROSA LETTERING. So I suggest you just wait.

	In the meantime, folks can help me not be paranoid. You recall
how Barks snubbed me in Atlanta. There's something afoot now that he has
some "agents" managing his affairs now that his wife is no longer around
to control him. You saw how he's decided to write a new story and have
Van Horn draw it. Now, a few weeks after a large article appeared in CBG
which told, in part, of my popularity in Scandanavia, his agent has
contacted Egmont and told them that Barks wants to visit Scandanavia for
a tour (and wants to be paid, etc.). This on top of the things he's said
about me to foreign magazines.
	All I've ever tried to do is honor the guy, and here he's
becoming the "evil genius" of my life. Why's he got it in for me of all
	I guess it's time to remove the "D.U.C.K." dedication from my
stories and covers, eh?

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