"New" Barks stories

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Tue Feb 2 17:00:11 CET 1993

Anders.Engwall at eua.ericsson.se wrote:

> (..) This was reprinted in issue 3 of 1987, under the title "Isb}t till
> B{ver|n".

Could you indicate how I should pronounce that? Those composite characters
appear like } { | on my machine, and I don't know which is which (aa, a" or

> I've read the majority of them, but there are however several stories
> that I haven't. Firstly, there are a few ones that for some reason
> haven't been reprinted since their original Swedish printing. 

In Holland, they even start to reprint Barks stories for the 2nd time...
almost all Barks stories have been reprinted here at least once.

> The choice between getting a reprint from say, 1982, and its original
> printing from 1954 is a rather delicate one, btw. Those old issues just
> look and feel *so* much better, but boy, will they cost you...

This is not quite the same in Holland. The old issues have terrible
colours and machine lettering. And they are translated from the German,
so some original textual gags are lost. I alsmost always prefer the reprint
version, translated, coloured and lettered by a staff that knew who
Barks was.

> Another thing about those old fifties Swedish Disney books is that
> there are no ads in them, except for other Disney publications, which
> by today's standards is quite extraordinary. I think ads started
> to appear sometime in the late fifties. Anyone knows more exactly?

I know of only one Dutch 'Donald Duck' with no ads at all: #6 from 1975.
It was the first 'giant size' DD (48 pages), with the Barks story
"Frozen Gold" in it. After (and before) that, all DD's had ads (although
I'm not sure about the early 50s).


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