Don Rosa in DTM d24 at
Fri Feb 5 15:49:42 CET 1993

After reading in the ftp'able Don Rosa index that DR had written a story
called "Back in Time for a Dime!" I immediately rushed to my favourite
comics-store and searched through their issues of DuckTales...

The nearest I got was a story call "In time for a Dime" (or something like
that), anyway the story is spread over two issues (and not 4 pages as the
index suggests!) and Don Rosa wasn't listed in the credits!!!

This story appeared around the September issue of '91 or '92...

In other words the index seems to contain an error (if you have any proof
that Rosa should have done a story for the DuckTales magazine, please inform
me of it ASAP...

BTW: I am currently updating the above-mentioned index, watch this space...


... It's only a nickel ...

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