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A new voice on the list, Jan <d24 at> wrote:

> After reading in the ftp'able Don Rosa index that DR had written a story
> called "Back in Time for a Dime!" I immediately rushed to my favourite
> comics-store and searched through their issues of DuckTales...
> The nearest I got was a story call "In time for a Dime" (or something like
> that), anyway the story is spread over two issues (and not 4 pages as the
> index suggests!) and Don Rosa wasn't listed in the credits!!!
> This story appeared around the September issue of '91 or '92...

I haven't seen it myself, but I got the information from Swedish
Donaldist Stefan Dios.  He has had frequent contact with Don Rosa, so
maybe he got that information from Rosa before the story was printed?
That could explain away any changes in the title and number of pages
if it was changed before publication.  I'll look into this later.

> BTW: I am currently updating the above-mentioned index, watch this space...
Thanks!  I have gotten those updates, and will soon put them on the
ftp archive.  (But right now I have to go...)
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