Don Rosa in DTM

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Mon Feb 8 18:37:37 CET 1993

Jan "d24 at" writes:

> After reading in the ftp'able Don Rosa index that DR had written a story
> called "Back in Time for a Dime!" I immediately rushed to my favourite
> comics-store and searched through their issues of DuckTales...
> The nearest I got was a story call "In time for a Dime" (or something like
> that), anyway the story is spread over two issues (and not 4 pages as the
> index suggests!) and Don Rosa wasn't listed in the credits!!!

Neither was Jaime Diaz. I think you are referring to a totally different
story. Per mentioned "DTM", i.e. DuckTales MAGAZINE. I think this is not
quite the same as the DuckTales COMIC (but I may be wrong).
Summarizing the pros and cons:

pro: - The story titles look the same
     - They are DuckTales stories

con: - The story titles _are_ different
     - Rosa nor Diaz are credited (some other artists are)
     - The number of pages is completely different
     - DTM seems to be something else than the 'Ducktales' comic.

> Jan
> ---
> ... It's only a nickel ...

Yes, it's a nickel... So what's your point?


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