Swedish index (Re: "New" Barks stories)

Per Starb{ck starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Feb 9 18:36:47 CET 1993

Harry Fluks (on Swedish letters):

HF> Could you indicate how I should pronounce that? Those composite
HF> characters appear like } { | on my machine, and I don't know which
HF> is which (aa, a" or o")...

You happened to mention them in the correct order!
"}" = \aa, "{" = \"a, "|" = \"o, "]" = \AA, "[" = \"A, "\" = \"O

This standard (SIS-E47) is also used in the swedish/* files on the ftp
archive.  Tell me if you'd prefer me to use Latin1 instead with
eight-bit characters.

About the Swedish index:
HF> But I ran into a few minor errors:
HF> - Oneshot (or Four Color Comic) 291: the cover is NOT by Barks

Oops!  I don't know why it's listed there and don't think anyone ever
thought it was by Barks.  Probably just a stupid mistake.

HF> - BDDUS 1: this cover is NOT by Barks

This is the cover for the *reprint* of The Old Castle's Secret.  The
original had a Barks cover, but this one...   Hm, is it by Tony
Strobl?  I believe this one was a genuine mistake originally, but I
thought that was cleared up a long time ago and don't know why it hasn't
been corrected.

Thanks for the corrections!  I won't change the file yet though as I
still hope I'll get the latest version of that file soon.
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