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Rich wrote:
> I have a quick question.

And here's a slow answer...  (I've been sick for a few days.)

> Does the Junior Woodchucks' Scoutmaster have a name?  I've seen him appear on
> numerous occasion in (especially) Barksian stories, but don't recall ever
> seeing his name.

Hmm?  As I remember it there are different JW officials in different
stories, never with names given, but often with fancy titles (like
"Exalted Grand Marshal" in WDC 132, or "the Supreme Instructor of the
Junior Woodchucks" in WDC 158).

In many of the Woodchucks stories Barks wrote in the seventies (which
he didn't draw) the scout master looks the same though, but he had
different titles everytime (those fancy acronyms like C.O.O.L.H.E.A.D.
or S.A.P.P.Y. P.A.P.P.Y.) but never, I think, a name.

They sure like fancy titles a lot...  I just reread WDC 150 where HD&L
not only become Exalted Hightails, but also Chevaliers of the Honor
Guard, Rear Admirals of the Arctic Snows, as well as Commandants of
the Hightails' Hall of Heroes, all in a day!

PS: I put the latest version of Rich's character list on the ftp
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