_How to Read Donald Duck_

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Torsten answered most questions about the following book:

> How to read Donald Duck : imperialist ideology in the Disney comic
> Ariel Dorfman, Armand Mattelart		c1975
> Translation of: Para leer al Pato Donald
> Library of Congress call number		HQ 784. C6 D6713x

Earlier Jamal Hannah wrote:

> Yes, I saw that book, There was an origional copy made back around
> 1973 by some South American Marxist group, I think.. mabye
> it was Brazilian.

Nope, Chilean.  The original was published in 1971, btw.

> There has recently been a re-issuing of the book (it has a note on
> the cover about its new edition status)..

Interesting!  I guess it's very recent?  At least there aren't any
new editions of the book in the Library of Congress.

> Full of alot of reproductions of panels by Carl Barks.

Yep, even though I don't think Dorfman and Mattelart cared about the
different artists.  David Kunzle, who wrote an introduction to the
English translation, mentions Barks as "the creator of the best Donald
Duck stories" though, and praises him for his use of satire and social

He refers to two writers on Barks: Mike Barrier and Dave Wagner.
Well, I know about Mike Barrier, but who is Dave Wagner?  Kunzle's
text only tells me that he's a Marxist and that he has written "Donald
Duck: An Interview" in Radical America, VII, 1973, pp 1--19.  Anyone
seen that?
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