_How to Read Donald Duck_

Jamal Hannah jamal at silver.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Feb 20 21:06:59 CET 1993

Per Starback wrote:
> Interesting!  I guess it's very recent?  At least there aren't any
> new editions of the book in the Library of Congress.

Yes, I saw the new edition here at the Harvard Book Store a few months ago.

> He refers to two writers on Barks: Mike Barrier and Dave Wagner.
> Well, I know about Mike Barrier, but who is Dave Wagner?  Kunzle's
> text only tells me that he's a Marxist and that he has written "Donald
> Duck: An Interview" in Radical America, VII, 1973, pp 1--19.  Anyone
> seen that?

Well, since I live in Cambridge, Massachussetes, near where "Radical
America" is published, I can probably find out.

 - jamal at silver.lcs.mit.edu

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