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Sat Feb 20 10:45:00 CET 1993

Hi again.  It's been a while since we have discussed the Character Reference
files so I thought now is as good as anytime to bring it up.

Well, the "Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters" came out finally
and I checked it over for any pertinent changes.  There were none.  About the
only thing this revised version accomplished was to include the films from
OLIVER & COMPANY to ALADDIN, and the Disney Television serials Ducktales
through Darkwing Duck.  This is too bad since it would be wonderful to get
up-to-date on the current happenings of Goofy in "Goof Troop" (the latest
Disney Afternnon cartoon); and to see the official cannonization of Bonkers,
Fawn Deer and Marsupilami from Raw Toonage.  The entries for the films "The
Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin" made no reference to their spin-off series of
the same names.  Oh well, I guess that's where adlibbing comes in.  In the
case of Goofy we are left in a quandry with respect to his son, Max.  In the
old cartoons where Goofy is cast as "father" Goofy's name is George G. Geef
and his son is George Junior, Georgie, or just plain Goofy Junior.  There is
marked inconsistency between the little redheaded, earless rapscallion from
these cartoon shorts and the current blackhaired incarnation appearing in GOOF
TROOP.  Then there's the matter of "Who and where is Goofy's wife/Max's
mother?"  I have my own theories concerning a certain Goofy cartoon "A Knight
for A Day" which co-starred the Princess Penelope and the third "dognose" pal
in the Minnie'n Me trio of Minnie, Daisy & Penny (which seems to directly
correspond to the Mickey trio of Mickey, Donald & Goofy).  Of course, I'm
probably waaaay off base with the assumption that Penelope, Mrs. Geef and
Penny are one-and-the same, but it's not that far fetched of a concept.
However, that would still not explain "what happened to her?"  I imagine this
will remain a Disney-Mystery for the forseeable future.  I was really hoping
that the latest version of the encyclopedia would shed some light on this
mystery before I write Goofy's entry.  Oh well.  Any ideas?

I got the idea for the files' name (HOOZOO) from a childrens book written in
the late 1930s entitled "Mickey's HooZoo" which related a story about Mickey's
orignins from a small Kansas(?) farm where he, Minnie and many others first
became aquainted.  Amazingly this book also marks the "first" appearance of
Donald Duck before he was concieved for the big screen.  Of course his
appearance has been drastically altered, but it was him none-the-less.  Other
farmhouse characters included Henry Horse (now called Horace Horsecollar);
Clara Hen (Madame Clara Cluck); Carolyn Cow (Clarabelle Cow); Claws (Bad
Pete?); Jenny Wren; Robert Rooseter; Tom, Dick & Harry Bunny; Olga Owl and
others.  Most of these other characters never moved into animation, and those
who did went through a modification process.  Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Jenny
are about the only ones who maintained their names despite their changed

Following this article will be the first "HooZoo" file:  Mickey Mouse.  If you
have any constructive ideas about how to modify it, or data that should be
included, please advise. One thing that many sharp-eyed people will notice is
that I listed Mickey's first "official" film appearance (Steamboat Willie) and
not his first "real" film (Plane Crazy) which did not show until sometime
after Steamboat.

Thanks.  We can discuss this in the open forum of Disney-Comics or privately
if you'd like.


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