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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Thu Jul 1 09:00:26 CEST 1993

> 	"In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Walt Disney Studios
> produced approximately 20 feature-length stories featuring Mickey and
> Goofy.  Many were written by Greg Crosby, now Vice President of
> International Marketing at Disney, and all were drawn by Jaime Diaz at his
> finest.
>	"These 40-page plus stories were created by Disney to distribute
> to licensees worldwide for publication but, to our knowledge, few were
> ever used, possibly due to their length.

> Actually at least 14 of these have been published in Sweden:

I looked it up, a lot of the stories have been reprinted in Holland, too.
I don't have them, so I can't give page count or codes.
According to the Dutch "Comic book price guide", the stories marked with
'H' are also published in Holland:

Title				Pg	Code		Holland
Goofy da Vinci			44			H
Goofy Columbus			44			H
Goofy Galileo			44	S 76159		H
Mickey Marco Polo		44	S 76179
*Goofy Beethoven					H
Goofy Gutenberg			44
Goofy Arthur			44			H
*Goofy Ulysses						H
Goofy King Tut			44	S 78096		H
King Goofy Midas		44
Goofy Eiffel			44
Around the World in 80 Days	44	
*Goofy Wilhelm Tell		44	S 80135
And there are a few other stories:

*Goofy Frankenstein		H
*Goofy Hercules			H
*20000 miles under the sea	H

(and the "price guide" lists 2 more stories with names unknown, probably
some of the un-H-ed stories above)

> There are some funny gags and situations in those stories, even though
> they are not very Disneyesque.  Other opinions?

For what I have seen from them, the art is quite good (just like in the
series "A Goofy look at..." by Bob Foster and Jaime Diaz. You *have* seen
these in the USA). But it was not good enough for be to buy the albums...


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