Unca Walt... We hardly knew you!..

Gilbert Milburn gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu
Thu Jul 1 18:45:58 CEST 1993

Hello again,

     Last month a book was released by Marc Eliot entitled -- WALT
DISNEY: HOLLYWOOD'S DARK PRINCE (Birch Lane Press, $21.95), that
paints a very negative and down-right bizarre portrait of Mr.
Disney.  This vicious biography claims Walt was a FBI stooge, a
Nazi sympathizer, a cross dressing pill-popper and I don't know
what all!!  I don't really know because I have only read a few
reviews and not the book itself (and I don't plan to!)...  I know
Don thinks that The WALT DISNEY COMPANY is cold and heartless, but
I don't believe the founder was.  Still, I guess some people will
write any kind of accusations, about anyone just to make a lousy
buck... oh, well such is life!..          

Gil Milburn <gilbert at unix.campbellsvil.edu>

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