Max & Dave Fleischer's Ko-Ko the Clown?..

Gilbert Milburn gilbert at
Thu Jul 1 19:12:06 CEST 1993

"WHAT!?!... IS HE MAD?!?"  This is a list/digest for Disney-fans!
     First someone named "SHANU " <BS111 at> on
the 14 May 93 (15:49:41 GMT0BST) asks a question about `ARCHIE
ANDREWS & JUGHEAD' Comics and now this loser is asking about Max &
Dave Fleischer's `Ko-Ko the Clown'.  Will this lunacy NEVER
END?!?!?  I don't mean to aggravate anyone, I still pretty new to
this electronic-mail bunk... so if this is considered "bad-list-
form" I am sorry.  Next time I will see if Per can add it to the
end of one of the digest he sends to Don (short of the same way Per
dose, when he want's to ask/tell Don something one-to-one).

Sorry again,

Gil <The Jerk>  


Dear Don,

     I thought I would save you a little $$$ by sending this post
to the digest (and to insure some additional savings to you, just
give me the information at the end of your comments in the next
digest [if you like])... I'll try to not make this habit, still I
could help but wonder, if maybe some of our fellow e-mailers might
also have some leads of their own.  Here's the question a friend of
my (old enough to be my Dad) found out I knew a thing or two about
animated cartoons... I guess he thought he could baffle me by
asking if I knew anything about: Ko-Ko the Clown.  He was shocked
to find out, however, that I knew as much as I did.  The only thing
I did not know was how he could locate old films and/or videos Ko-
Ko appeared in.  I promised him that I would find out, all that I
could and if I turned anything up, I would relay it to him.  So,
give me a few good leads that I can pass on to him, if you would
(Please, Sir) and we will BOTH be in your debt.          

     I didn't get to hear all of the radio-telecast last night,
nevertheless, the material that I did hear, I enjoyed very much!! 
El-Metz-o, Ray and you conducted an excellent program as always... 
Thanks again,

Gil Milburn <gilbert at>

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