Digest #51

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jul 5 14:43:02 CEST 1993

TO GILBERT: (is everyone seeing this reply to non-Disney stuff?)
	I have friends who are huge animation buffs, but I'm not one of them especially, at least not to the point of knowing all the sources. 
I was just at the Chicago Comicon and I saw both the Whole Toon Catalogue (still extant) and dealers with LOADS of bootleg collections 
of impossible-to-find stuff like uncensored and complete collections of Private Snafu and Bosko (the lil' black chile) cartoons. 
I'm sure there are video collections of Koko out there.
	As for the METZ show, since we weren't listed in the paper at all, it was THE worst show we've done in 10 years as to number of callers. 
Normally we overload the circuits, but that night we sat for 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch without any callers. YOU called I believe? 
And while I thank you for your sympathy concerning that Atlanta deal, I was stunned that you (if it WAS you) brought it up on semi
-national radio! Didn't you see me saying on here how I thought it was a deeply embarrassing public humiliation? Fortuanately we 
didn't go into it such that anyone would understand what you meant, but I had to answer to Foushee and Metz during the next commercial.

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