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Solan> How am I to see which writer has made which story?

Just look at the credits on in some index! :-)

It's hard to know who wrote a particular story compared to knowing who
drew it, as it's much easier to recognize a art style than a writing
style.  Of course neither art nor the writing was credited in The Old
Days, so few styles were known by name at all, but at least you could
see that a bunch of stories evidently had art by the same person.

But some names of artists and writers at Western was known, and you
could try pin-point who was who of them.  If you just got to know that
one particular story was drawn by one particular artist, a bunch of
other comics followed from that, but if you got to know that one
particular story was *written* by one particular writer that was just
an isolated fact and such knowledge have been scarce.

But lately credits in the American Disney books have started to have
writer credits for old stories quite often.  I think they have found
some book-keeping from Western that shows exactly who got paid for
what story.  Anyone knows anything about that?
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