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> Next up is the book "Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge McDuck: His Life and Times".
> This is a $34.95 book, but again no other information is available.  The
> title sounds familiar, so this may be a reissue.  Anyone have a clue?

> First of all, it is a reissue. My comic store has had a copy sitting
> in it for a long time.  The book is great, with a lot of B&W reprints
> of USMcD stories.

That book was first published in 1981 as a 5,000 copy limited edition
and included with the book you got a signed Barks lithograph
(Wanderers of Wonderlands) and is probably pretty expensive.  Then in
1987 a trade edition (which I have) was published, and it was $34.95
as this supposedly new edition.  It's not B&W though!  The comics in
it are:

Back to the Klondike (USOS 456), Trouble From Long Ago (USOS 495),
Tralla La (US 6), The Seven Cities of Cibola (US 7), The Lemming with
the Locket (US 9), Land Beneath the Ground! (US 13), The
Second-Richest Duck (US 15), Land of the Pygmy Indians (US 18), Island
in the Sky (US 29), The Many Faces of Magica De Spell (US 48), and
Micro-Ducks From Outer Space (US 65) so there's lots of good stuff
there.  There's also (published for the first time and not published
anywhere else(?)) the "illustrated story version" of Go Slowly Sands
of Time.  This is a story that Barks wrote in the late sixties and
that didn't become a comic until much later when Egmont had Vicar do
art for it (the result is published in US 216).  But this is not that,
but some illustrations for the story made by Barks in 1980.
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