War of the Wendigo

Andrew Krieg 5-5379 krieg at ct.med.ge.com
Fri Jul 16 06:26:43 CEST 1993

Greetings all!

Today I finally got to read "The War of the Wendigo" in English!  I wonder
how many folks can claim this?  I'll bet it's under 100!!

Many thanks to Fredrik Ekman for providing me with the Swedish comics which
printed "WotW" and to master storyteller Don Rosa for providing me the
storyboard layouts and dialogue.  27 pages of sheer delight!

I kept thinking about Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" when reading this tale.  Was
this one of your influences Don?  What was your source for the legend of the
Wendigo?  The only legend I have heard deals with the transformation of a man
into a monster (the Wendigo) after he cannibalizes in the North woods
(grisly, eh?).

I loved looking at the evolution between storyboard and comic.  Do you do
this for all of your work?  Do most comic artists work this way as well?

Thanks again to both of you!


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