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Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Jul 19 15:40:01 CEST 1993

	Let's see if this message gets through. I started using CIM
software to call up COMPUSERVE, and it is very pretty, but not as simple
and efficient as PROCOMM. One problem is that when I used to finish
reading mail I'd hit "Enter"... now when I do that, it DELETES the
message and I can't reply. More on that later.
	Andy was commenting on my "War of the Wendigo" story. No, if
I've ever read that "Lomax" story, I have no memory of it and it was not
an influence. And as for how many people have read that story in
English, it's VASTLY less than 100. In fact, I'd guess you are the ONLY
living soul who's seen that story in America, outside of a few people in
the Disney office who banned it (but then, THEY didn't read it, they
just saw the Indians).
	My version of the Wendigo legend is the authentic native
American / pioneer explorer version. Your version sounds like it came
outtuva comic book... unless there are different versions depending on
which tribe of Canadian Indians you talk to.
	I have no idea how any other person does their comics. But you
still aren't seeing the whole process just looking at my "storyboard
script". Before that is the thumbnail-sketch pages and the huge
notebooks filled with notes and different versions of each word
balloon... not to mention the other versions of each story which exist
in a few cases when Byron Erickson has helped me change a story around
for some reason. The "Life of $crooge" has about 20 or 30 unfinished
pages that will never see print.
	Due to that glitch in my CIM, I inadvertantly ERASED your
$crooge employee list before I could save it. I don't suppose you still
have it around???? (blush)  Maybe you could just list those few times
when it looked like it might be the same employee?

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