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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Jul 20 15:15:36 CEST 1993

Hi all of you!  I've been awfully quiet here for some time, in part
because I've been away on a Donaldist Woodchuck club meeting out in
the country.  Here are some random comments on what has been going on

Uncle Scrooge, His Life and Times
Don> The whole point of the book was to have some artsy-fartsy artist color the
Don> old Dell photostats and make them look "special". Many of us think it was
Don> an interesting idea, but the stories looked weird and murky; I much prefer
Don> the color as it was meant to be, as it was done by Dell.

Harry> I fully agree!

I also like standard comics colouring better than what was in USHLAT,
but the Dell colouring wasn't always that good.  I prefer some Dutch
Disney comics I have and also the current Carl Barks Library in Color
seems to be very well done (I don't have that though, so I haven't
looked at it that closely).

Apropos of that:  I've heard that they will start yet another CBL in
Color series this autumn with "everything else".  Anyone else knows
more about that?

It's interesting to hear different opinions on the new Gladstones,
even though I haven't gotten any of them yet so I don't have anything
to say myself.  (I want it cheap, not fast.)  But why are they
serializing a Gottfredson story that they already have printed (in an

Old messages
Don Rosa:
>	Harry: 
>	Due to that glitch in my CIM, I inadvertantly ERASED your
> $crooge employee list before I could save it. I don't suppose you still
> have it around???? (blush)  Maybe you could just list those few times
> when it looked like it might be the same employee?

He had a copy around and Don has already got it, but I though I might
take this opportunity to mention to you all that it would have worked
out alright anyway since I (as the list admin) save *everything* sent
to the list.  So anytime you happen to lose some message or suddenly
realize that you'd like some message posted last year that you deleted
a long time ago, just send a note telling what you want to
disney-comics-request at, and I'll send it to you.
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