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Don Rosa has sent two pieces of mail to me that evidently were meant
for the list.  Here they are:

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Date: 20 Jul 93 00:42:55 EDT
From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM>
Subject: +Postage Due+Digest #58

	Yes, thanks to several people, I now have Harry's Clerk List on
hard copy. And I'm starting to remember not to hit the ENTER key when I
useta be s'posed to but now ain't.
	To Harry: Where was Miss Quackfaster named and why is she so
popular if Barks only used her twice. As you noted, she was only used in
the American UNCLE $CROOGE #36 & 39 (IF that's her in #36), and she was
only named in #39. As to why she is popular -- it's only because
somebody at Egmont or Oberon decided to start using her as $crooge's
one-and-only secretary many years back, so she became a fixture in the
European stories, and therefore NOW in American reprints. If it hadn't
been for Europe, she would be as obscure/unknown as all those other
Barks office clerks. It seems pretty obvious to me that Barks never
intended for there to be anything permanent in or about the bin building
except $crooge himself. The look and location of the bin and all its
contents and employees changed from story to story. I try to keep most
of it all very consistant since, unlike Barks, I know there are people
reading these stories carefully with an eye to detail and saving them to
reread again and check on accuracy.

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Date: 20 Jul 93 08:38:08 EDT
From: Don Rosa <72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM>
Subject: +Postage Due++Postage Due+Digest #58

	Well, here's a lil' notice for the next digest that I've been
forgetting to mention. My usual thinking is that I shouldn't pop off
about stuff like this, but since someone was expressing interest in that
PRO-FILES interview that I had also NOT mentioned, I think I should
mention this. Don't mention it.
	A Norwegian reporter and photographer from the biggest paper in
Scandanavia (said they, based on percentage of the local population that
reads it), "VG" (whatever that's short for), flew here for less than 2
hours a last month and interviewed me. The 4 tabloid page article
appeared July 3; the first 2 pages were about me, with one nice photo
and one fairly insulting "goofy" photo (which such people always insist
on), and the second 2 pages were the issue's centerspread which featured
the world's first appearance of my "official" (?) Donald Duck Family
Tree in excellent large size and full color suitable (I'd say) for
framing! I know I'd frame it if I could READ it. I haven't the slightest
idea how the article came out or how the reporter used my comments... I
tried to read it but all it said was "blah blah blah blah Don Rosa blah
blah blah". I wish someone could send me a translation of things like
this, but I understand what a tedious process such things are.
	Last week a reporter/photographer from yet another "biggest
newspaper in Scandanavia" (based on total circulation?), EXPRESSEN, came
here for their two hours before flying right back like the other team. I
gave them pretty much the same interview subject to their particular
method of interpretation and posed for several more photographs, half of
which were fairly humiliating. (Anytime a photographer insists I pose
wearing a Donald Duck head hat, I insist that he takes the picture and
delivers it to his paper while not wearing any pants. A turnabout is
fair play, says I.) Anyway, this article of "blah blah blah etc." won't
appear for a little while (I suspect?) so as not to look like the VG
article gave the reporter the idea for it. I didn't mention it, but as
you Swedish folks know, EXPRESSEN is a Swedish paper. What you can tell
me is what sort of paper are these VG and EXPRESSEN? Nice newspapers? Or
fairly tacky stuff like USA TODAY? (I suspect the latter.)
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