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Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Tue Jul 20 17:04:50 CEST 1993

I'll have to check out the VG article, and may post a translation, or
at least send one to Don, if no one beats me to it :-)

"VG" stands for "Verdens Gang" (meaning something like "the changes of
the World"). It's a true tabloid with large fonts, large pictures,
little content and taste for sex/violence scandals/tragedies. I don't
buy it on principle, but this may call for an exception from that.

Actually, the "largest newspaper" thing is disputable.  "Aftenposten"
("the Evening Post") is larger if you count their evening edition, and
is IMO a much better newspaper. You may remember they had a 4-6 page
feature (with no goofy shots ;-) on Disney in their weekend supplement
A-magasinet a year ago or so, with a specially drawn front page of
young Scrooge with his first dime (?  10 |re in Norwegian ;-)

Oh, VG has a Donald strip, Aftenposten has Scamp. Don't know if that's
saying anything about the editorial policy, though :-)

Kjetil T.

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