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Thu Jul 22 04:53:21 CEST 1993


	With no regard to who asked each of these questions or brought
up the matters...

	Why is Gladstone reprinting stuff that they already reprinted in
their first go around? "The Prize of Pizarro" was reprinted the first
time, so they tell me, in an issue that suffered from low distribution
and low print run -- as a result it was not available very widely either
as a new issue or back issue. That's what they told me when I asked why
they wanted a cover for a story they'd already reprinted. And I'm sure
the same applies to that MM story that was in an album... they see the
albums and digests reaching far fewer readers than the comics, so
they'll eventually reprint everything in most all forms. Can't you see
what Hamilton is doing with ALL the Barks stories? First in the
expensive Library, then in albums/digests, then in comics, then in color
Library Albums... he's not stupid! There is a finite amount of material
and he must milk it for all it's worth!

	My story about books, "The Guardians of the Lost Library", will
be printed sometime around September 20. At least that's when I'm
supposed to make another promotional tour through Scandanavia
publicizing same. (That'll be my 5th tour? I'm losing count!)

	Yes, I have already been featured in AFTENPOSTEN several times,
the last time in that very special issue of their Sunday magazine in a
large story, not "about Disney" as someone said, but all about me and my
"life of $crooge" series. The cover was a special one I did on the theme
of "what if $crooge had grown up in Norway" and it showed a scene from
the series of 10-year-old $crooge earning his first dime and dreaming of
his Norwegian-style money bin. I have a copy of this magazine... someday
I hope someone will READ it to me so I know what's being said about me!

	And you make VG sound pretty sleazy! It's not that bad, is it?!
What about EXPRESSEN???

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